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Do cats pick a Favourite person?

Why do cats pick a favorite person?

Why do cats pick a favorite person

You know that feeling of betrayal when you finally are allowed to bring a cat to your home, but then it would seem like your cat is bonding more with your roommate, your significant other, or with your parent who initially said they don’t want a cat in their house.

Cats, it turns out, play favorites – and they’re not afraid to show it. There’s a lot a factor as to what makes their favorite person their favorite person.

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How do cats choose their favorite person

Cats have a lot of room in their hearts for love – it’s just that some of those rooms are bigger than the others.

In many ways, the reason cats choose a favorite person is the same as when we chose a favorite. Often a cat’s favorite is the person it is with the most. Your kitty companion appreciates everything you do to keep them happy and healthy.

If you’re not your cat’s favorite, it doesn’t mean they don’t love you!

They might even get really sad when you’re away.

Depending on your cat’s preferences in humans, their favorite person could be the person who plays with them the most or it could be the chilliest person who they feel most secure around. Instinctively, cats are drawn to the people they feel would keep them safe and well taken care of.

When cats are in their kittenhood, around four to nine weeks old, they can be pretty fearless. This is their socialization period – the more they are exposed to different sounds, smells, and experiences, the more they’ll grow to well-adjusted, human-bonded cats.

Cats who have been with their caretakers since this period would most likely become their favorite person – but it isn’t always the case.

If you aren’t your cat’s favorite person

If you are, unfortunately not your cat’s favorite person, it’s nothing to worry about. Being your cat’s favorite person is not a goal worth achieving. It’s something that must come naturally. Cats can be very selective in when and how they want to receive affections.

If you keep showering your cat with love and affection when they don’t want it, it could be detrimental to your relationship. It is better to accept that your cat just has a softer spot in their hearts for someone else.

Learning how your cat communicates is one of the best ways to improve your relationship with your cats. Cats have a secret language with their humans – the more you spend time with them and get to know them, the better you will be at understanding each other.

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Take care of your cat and build a great relation

As long as you take care of your cat and you build on your relationship, rest assured that you are loved back. Every cat is unique – their personalities, behaviors, preferences, and tendencies can vary so much – even from their littermates. Maybe your cat is just the sort who shows their love towards you at a distance – not all cats are the snuggling kind. After all, being your cat’s favorite doesn’t always mean your cat will want much physical touching from you.

However, if you do sense that your cat is acting stranger than normal, it is best to consult your vet as there could be something wrong.

Am I my cat’s favorite person?

The best way to answer if you are your cat’s favorite is to ask yourself “who is my cat, and what is their love language?” Every cat is different, but some loving behaviors are common to a lot of cats that you may have missed.

Here are some of them:

  • They treat you like mama cat. The first being your cat ever loved is their mama cat. When they were very young, they would knead on their moms before they nurse. If your cat does this to you, then they love you just as much as they loved mama cat.
  • They take care of you. If you’ve ever been subject to a licking session or have received your share of your cat’s hunt, then yes, they do love you. Cats think they are responsible for taking care of you and this is their way to do it.

Why does my cat only like one person?

While most cats have a lot of room in their hearts, some cats have those rooms locked tight with fear. This is especially common to cats who were not able to fully take advantage of their socialization period. Strays, for example, may find it overwhelming to have to trust more than one person.

It could also be the humans. Cats have preference over the kind of human they like to be around with the most – maybe they like the quiet ones, or maybe they like the energetic and lively ones, it depends on your cat.

Why do cats like me so much?

Cats can sense people’s energies. They might seem aloof, but in reality, cats are very sensitive. If your cats can sense that you are a person that they can trust, then that is most likely the reason why they like you so much and want to be around you. There are many stories about cats who choose their humans – often times, this is the best way to bring a cat into your life as you’ve already got a strong bond from the get go.

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While being your cat’s favorite is surely a desirable thing, it’s not really what’s most important. The center of focus should be the relationship you build with your cat. Learn how they communicate with you, observe what they like, don’t like, and what they need, and soon enough, you’ll be the cat’s whiskers!

Quick questions answered

Do cats have a favorite person

Not always, but often cats do have a favorite person. Cats do have plenty of love to share with multiple people though, so no worries even you aren’t the number one favorite person in your cats’ life. Who the favorite person is depending on various reasons.

Do cats imprint on one person

Cats often imprint on one person, and that might be very clear if you live in a household with multiple people. Every individual cat has its own personality, and way to show if it imprinted on a specific person or not.

Do cats always pick a favorite person

Cats often pick a favorite person. Their favorite might not be a person though, and they might therefore not necessarily have picked a favorite person. If the cat is an indoor cat without to many other cats, it probably has imprinted a person though.

Why Do Cats Pick a Favorite Person?

Cats can sometimes be temperamental. Sometimes they love your attention, then the next second they could want to be by themselves.

Oftentimes, a cat will bond more strongly with one person. Why do cats pick a favorite person? Does it mean they don’t want to be around anyone else?

Read below to learn more about cats and their relationships.

Beginnings of Cats and Humans

Cats are smart, and it’s likely that when they figured out that humans are a good source of food and protection, the bond began.

According to the Smithsonian Institute, “Just last month, a study published in the research journal Science secured more pieces in the cat-domestication puzzle based on genetic analyses. All domestic cats, the authors declared, descended from a Middle Eastern wildcat, Felis sylvestris, which literally means ‘cat of the woods.’ Cats were first domesticated in the Near East, and some of the study authors speculate that the process began up to 12,000 years ago.”

Its likely today’s cats choose their favorite person for the same reasons. The younger the cat you get is, the stronger the bond that forms.

Kittens learn to socialize early. Exposure to people, places and sounds early in their development will help them be more well-adjusted. It’s also the case that many cats just have personalities that make them more aloof and less likely to bond with people.

Older, adopted cats can learn to bond too. It’s just a matter of personality.

Why Cats Pick a Favorite Person

When it comes to bonding with cats, two things matter most: communication and personality.


Verbal communication and body language are crucial to developing a healthy relationship with your cat – or any pet! Cats may not seem like big communicators, but they are. They tell us their needs and how they feel in a multitude of ways. It’s your job to anticipate them.

Your relationship with your cat is sure to be successful if you learn to adapt to their preferred method of communication. This may or may not include physical interaction.

A cat may feel safest with a person who respects their space and give them time to warm up to new situations. Usually, this just takes time. It takes time to learn each other’s likes and dislikes. And there tends to be one person in the household that knows how to communicate to your cat’s liking best. That’s why cats choose a favorite person.


We all know that each cat is as unique as any person. Each cat has their own likes and dislikes. Because of this, a cat can be drawn to one person more than others. Because of our own personalities, it just happens that a cat will like being around one person more than others.

We all have those friends that we just ‘click’ with. It’s great to have that person who just gets you and knows how to cheer you up when you’re down. It’s the same with cats. Your cat may click with you, or they may get along better with your spouse or roommate. There’s not much you can do to force your cat into liking you best, but there are some things you can do to foster a better relationship.

How to be Your Cat’s Favorite Person

  • Fostering an early relationship helps – Kittens from the age four to nine weeks have a significant socialization period. It’s best to handle them and expose them to many different sounds and smells. If you can imprint your presence on them during this time, you have a great chance of being a good friend.
  • Provide food and snacks – A cat who doesn’t leave the house obviously relied on their owner to feed them. Be that person. Be the one who is around to feed them and make sure they know it is from you.
  • Positive reinforcement – If you catch your cat doing something you like, be sure to give them a nice pet or a treat. Not only can you train them to do that thing more often, but your cat will foster good feelings toward you.
  • Provide time for play – You need to provide your cat with exercise, so get some toys you can use with them. It will help your cat bond to you. They might even get pooped out and snuggle with you too. Just remember that if your cat seems like they need alone time, give it to them.

While it might seem like a lot of work to get on your cat’s good side, remember that every relationship takes an investment of time. Whether you are spending time with people or your pets, quality time and good feelings is going to go a long way at building that relationship.

Even if your cat pics a favorite person who is not you, it’s not the end of the world. You still can have fun with them.

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