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Is Chimmy a dog?

Chimmy Puppy Dog BT21 BTS Plushie

  • Chimmy Puppy Dog BT21 BTS Plushie
  • Chimmy Puppy Dog BT21 BTS Plushie
  • Chimmy Puppy Dog BT21 BTS Plushie
  • Chimmy Puppy Dog BT21 BTS Plushie

— Made with high quality PP cotton and soft plush.
— Totally squish-able! Can endure the strongest hugs!
— The best gift for all ages and all occasions.
— Material is super soft!

Collect all the members to show your love for Bangtan!!

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Chimmy Puppy Dog BT21 BTS Plushie Chimmy Puppy Dog BT21 BTS Plushie Chimmy Puppy Dog BT21 BTS PlushieChimmy Puppy Dog BT21 BTS Plushie

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Hipolito Fisher
So cute and fluffy
Meagan Nitzsche
cute.. fast delivery..
Norwood Wyman
Very cute
Riley Reinger
MY BESTUE LOVE IT <3 Leda Tromp Cool toy, daughter very happy. Delivery fast, it's great! Thank you)))

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Dogs of Crystal

Half of all Americans own dogs. While we usually associate dogs with being home-bound, they can also be found all over the Crystal campus. However, many students don’t know the full story behind these canines. Would you like to know interesting facts such as the age, interests, and occupations of these pets? Fortunately, you can find out below in an exclusive interview available only to readers of the Gryphon Gazette.

If you find yourself in the language hub for classes, chances are you’ve heard or maybe even seen Mia, a Weiner dog. Though small, Mia is known for her playfulness. Have you ever wanted to know the deeper story behind this unassuming pet? Lucky for you, Mia took some time from her busy schedule to talk to us about her daily life.

GG: Mia, thanks so much for meeting with us today, we’ll ask a question our readers are interested in. What’s your favorite activity on weekdays?

Mia: Thanks for having me, I’m usually pretty busy on the weekdays. Between coming to school every day, and staying on the lookout for squirrels, I don’t have a lot of free time. When I do, however, I love to go on runs in the senior parking lot, or take a leisurely stroll through the mansion patio.

GG: And Mia, what would you say your favorite treat is?

Mia: Great question, and it’s hard to choose a favorite. Ms. Van Gogh often gives me chicken fillet strips, which are delicious.

GG: And what is your favorite thing to do on weekends?

Mia: Weekends are definitely my favorite time of the week because I actually get to have some time to do what I love most, exercise. I love walking and hiking with my owner and seeing all the sights the Bay Area has to offer.

GG: Thanks so much for your time, one last question. Finally, what’s your favorite toy?

Mia: Definitely a mouse on a string, I’ll chase one of those for hours…

GG: Hilarious. Thanks for having a chat with us!

Mia: ¡Hasta la pasta!

Of course, we could never interview Mia without interviewing Auby as well. Although Auby looks similar to Mia, they are quite different. While Mia will constantly waltz around the classroom looking for a backpack to sniff or some rubs from students, Auby will sit back and let the love come to him. He sure is a people pleaser!

GG: Hi Auby, hope you’re well. I was wondering what you enjoy doing on the weekdays?

Auby: Boy, that is a great question. Just like Mia, I love to go out to the back lawn and chase squirrels or amble around the senior parking lot. But I also feel good when I am in the classroom on my bed.

GG: Wish I had a bed in class! Now, I’ve heard from Mia that the chicken fillet strips Ms. Van Gogh makes are top tier. What do you think about them?

Auby: I agree with Mia. Those fillet strips are just the best. I would kill to have one right now.

GG: Sorry that I don’t have any. Seems like I’ve got to ask Ms. Van Gogh where she gets them. Finally––and you do not need to answer this if you do not wish to––but I’ve noticed some slight scarring on your leg. ¿Qué pasó?

Auby: Yeah, well, my leg broke just like Mia’s. Although Mia sustained her injury from abuse, I got hurt when Hurricane Harvey hit Texas. I’m so thanful that Señor Benge took us in.

GG: I’m sure you are and I’m sorry to hear of your injuries. Thank you for answering my questions, Auby!

Auby: Ciao

You’re in class learning about electron configurations when you suddenly hear a whining, groaning sound like the one Chewbacca made when Han Solo died. Of course, the sound has originated from Teton, Mr. Thompson’s 11-year-old golden retriever-boxer mix. Teton can almost always be found in the classroom either napping, walking around aimlessly, or bugging Mr. Thompson. I got to sit down with him and ask him a few questions:

GG: So, Teton, what do you do on the weekdays?

Teton: Well, my favorite thing, besides coming to school of course, is to take evening strolls with my owner. I love the night air, and I think it’s why I’m so youthful.

GG: That sounds fun. You must get tired after a day like that. When do you tend to sleep and wake up?

Teton: I love my beauty sleep. My bedtime is at 8pm and I’m out till 7am. 11 hours of sleep is the minimum I need to feel well-rested throughout the day.

GG: Mood. I wish I had those hours. In regards to food, what are your favorite treats?

Teton: I love some good jerky. When I can, I try to stop by the business office to get some chicken fillet strips. Love those too.

GG: Don’t want to keep you too long so I only have one last question. What is your favorite place on campus?

Teton: I enjoy lying down on the patio, and working on my tan. The sun really helps me keep relaxed and energized throughout my day.

GG: Amazing. This was really insightful. Thanks for meeting us Teton!!

Teton: Thanks for having me!

You’re in Graphic Design, trying to fix the dimensions on your miserable InDesign project. Eventually, you give up and start playing with Chimmy, a whippet dog. Chimmy loves you even if your project is unfixable. Would you like to learn more about Chimmy? Chimmy is one of the dogs we managed to get an interview with here at Crystal, and she had a lot to say.

GG: Chimmy, thanks so much for taking the time to meet us. Could you tell us a little about yourself and your owner?

Chimmy: Sure thing. I’m pretty young, just around a year old. My owner got me when I was just eight weeks old. I love to run, eat, and explore the campus.

GG: That’s fantastic. Chimmy, what do you love to do during your busy weekdays?

Chimmy: Great question, when I happen to be on campus, I’ll visit around and try to find a meal. In my opinion, the best stuff can be found from Ms. Rigdon. While I love to be on campus with my owner, I sometimes take a day off to treat myself to a daycare.

GG: Fascinating. What’s your favorite treat to chow down on?

Chimmy: Definitely Himalayan Jack cheese bones. I can chew on one of those for hours, it really helps take my mind off things. Highly recommend it.

GG: I’ll have to check it out. Now Chimmy, you seem very athletic. What would you say is your top speed?

Chimmy: I’ve been told I have a lot of speed. I can reach up to 45 mph on a good day. When it comes to endurance, though, I can hardly go more than 200 yards.

GG: That’s really great. Thanks again for meeting with us. We’ll let you go now.

Chimmy: Thanks for having me!

Just when we were about to wrap up our interviews, a relatively unknown dog came and dazzled us with their interesting dialogue. Last but certainly not least is Watson. The tiny Maltese dog is a carefree animal that loves the outdoors.

GG: Great to have you Watson– why don’t you start with a little about yourself?

Watson: Yeah, I’m around two years old, and I was rescued when I was six months. I love being on the Crystal campus and watching squirrels pass me by. It helps me to do some meditation and stretching in the early morning.

GG: Sounds awesome. What would you say is your favorite food?

Watson: I think that really any meat is a no-brainer for me. Love that stuff. Oh and also sweet potatoes. I love the sweet & starchy taste of it.

GG: I’ll be sure to give it a try. You sound like you’re quite the popular dog. Who’s your favorite dog to meet?

Watson: Whenever I go on walks I’m always happy to see the Coton de Tulear in my neighborhood. They’re just the best to sniff around with!

GG: Sounds like a heck of a friend! We won’t keep you long. The people want to know what your favorite pastime is, could you give an answer?

Watson: I tend to spend my time at school trying to get belly rubs from students and faculty members. When I’m at home I love to sit in the sun on the soft rug and intently watch the squirrels as they go by. Also, I can’t go wrong with a nice nap.

GG: Great stuff. I’ll see you later Watson!

Watson: Bye!

We hoped you enjoyed this read and window into the lives of Crystal Dogs!

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