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What is cat womans real name?

What is cat womans real name?


Real Name: Selina Kyle Wayne

Class: Parallel Earth (Earth-2) human

Occupation: Retired, former professional criminal

Group Affiliation: None

Known Relatives: Bruce Wayne (husband), Helena Kyle (daughter), Karl Kyle (brother), unnamed ex-husband

Aliases: Cat

Base of Operations: Gotham City, Earth-2

First Appearance: Batman #1 (Spring, 1940)

Powers: Catwoman was a skilled fighter and possesses extraordinary agility. She used a series of cat-inspired vehicles including her high-powered Kitty-Car, Cat-Plane, and Cat-Boat. Catwoman’s favorite weapon was a Cat-o’-nine-tails, a multi-tipped bullwhip with which she was an expert.

History: Selina was married young to a wealthy man who turned abusive shortly after they were wed. When she finally divorced him, he used his connections to ruin her financially, professionally and socially. Seeking revenge she snuck into his estate one night and stole some jewelry. Selina found herself excited by this caper, and started a life of crime, rationalizing that she deserved the things she stole because of the pain she had suffered. Having a lifelong affection for cats, she made a feline mask to disguise her identity as the Cat.

(Batman I #2) — Catwoman planned to steal E.S. Arthur’s Pharoah’s jewels, and shadowed Crime Syndicate Inc., who had similar intentions. She saw them bust Joker out of prison hospital, and alerted Batman, who put away thecrew except for Joker. Joker poisoned E.S. Arthur so he could have the jewels for himself. Robin and Catwoman arrived at Arthur’s before Batman, and Joker almost killed the Boy Wonder before Catwoman saved him. Joker set fire to the castle to get at Catwoman, who had the jewels, but Batman confronted him, and bested him in swordplay. Batman used the Bat-Plane to save Catwoman and Robin from the inferno, but left Joker behind. Catwoman dove into the waters outside the castle, thinking she’d gotten away with the jewels, but Batman had already pocketed them.

(Batman I #3) — The Cat-Woman designed a feline themed costume and went on a crime spree, robbing socialites and making a fool of the police. The diamond syndicate put on a fashion show, and hired Cat-Woman to pose as one of the models, and steal their wares for insurance money. Bedecked with jewelry, she went onto the runway and set off a smoke grenade, allowing her to run out the back door. She was immediately kidnapped by thugs working for Hoffer of the syndicate, who’d double-crossed his partner Darrel. Batman was on the case, and apprehended the crooked diamond merchants. He kept the freed Cat from clawing out their eyes for hoodwinking her, and apologized for having to take her in. She passionately kissed Batman, allowing her to make an escape. Both batman and the Cat wished that the other was on the other side of the law so they could have romance.

(Batman I #176) — Catwoman announced to the Gotham underworld that she’s use her feline cleverness to outwit Batman, and prove to the underworld that they had no need to fear the vigilante. She put out a newspaper report challenging Batman to catch her on her cross-country trip, outlining her every destination. Alfred presented the paper to Batman and Robin, who donned disguises and boarded a train leaving for Pittsburgh that began her trip. They analyzed the fingerprints of every passenger’s water cups until they found Catwoman, disguised as a little old lady. She jumped from the train, landing in a safety net, and fled. They caught up with her on a steamer to Nashville, recognizing her disguise as a man because of her lack of Adam’s apple. Her thugs dumped the Dynamic Duo overboard, and she escaped again. Batman followed her across the whole country, but revealed to Robin that he was letting her escape because her final destination was a celebration with the Gotham underworld. They took the Batplane to her meeting, and snatched her victory away by capturing her and the underworld heads in a net.

For years Catwoman found her criminal efforts opposed by Batman, yet she developed a deep love for him.

When she tired of crime, Selina fabricated a story about having had amnesia for all the years of her criminal career, and received a full pardon. She opened up a small pet store, but soon became bored and resumed her criminal career.

While pursuing Scarecrow, Batman asked Catwoman for help in the case, with the promise of complete amnesty in return. They captured Scarecrow, but they also finally acknowledged their feelings for each other. Batman even revealed to her that he was Bruce Wayne. They were married soon thereafter, and Selina gave birth to a daughter named Helena. Selena went into retirement, and they spend many happy years together until she was blackmailed by a member of her old gang into committing one more crime as Catwoman. Batman foiled the crime, but it resulted in Catwoman’s accidental death. That night Batman burned his costume, going into permanent retirement.

Due to the Crisis on Infinite Earths, Catwoman’s existence was erased from DC continuity.

Comments: Created by Bill Finger & Bob Kane

Catwoman received a profile in Who’s Who: The Definitive Directory of the DC Universe #4

Ally of the heroes or villain? Catwoman’s life in the comics


It’s probably with Wonder Woman, and with Harley Quinn’s permission, one of the best-known women in the DC universe of characters who has crossed Batman’s path every so often. Gotham City is her city, its streets the place she glides through and although many years have passed since her comic book debut, fans are still unclear which version of Catwoman they can stick with: the thief who plays far from the side? of justice or the one who collaborates with the bat man?

Table of Contents

  • 1 His origins
  • 2 Who is Catwoman?
  • 3 Catwoman gets into her costume
  • 4 The character’s gadgets
  • 5 Batwoman, who is that?
  • 6 Allies or enemies, what does Catwoman have?
  • 7 love and hate with batman

His origins

The birth of Catwoman we must go to look for it in the decade of the 40s of the last century, when Bill Finger and Bob Kane first introduce her in volume 1 #1 from the initial comic of Batman. It is there that we will meet Selina Kyle, a character that her creators openly recognized as being inspired by the movie stars of that 1940s (such as Hedy Lamarr and Jane Russell) and that Kane himself was inspired by a cousin of his to put a face on it. .

The idea at that first moment was to create a point of interest to distract Batman’s attention, as a romantic counterweight to the story, and that is why they created what was known at that time as The Cat, a jewel thief who didn’t wear any costume neither black nor elastic like the one she is currently wearing, but was posing as a defenseless granny. In those first moments of the character, nobody knew her true intentions, her real name (the Selina Kyle thing would come later) and much less the background of a counterpoint to the hero that nobody knew how to classify: is she a heroine or a villain? That will be the dilemma that haunts Catwoman for a good part of her existence.

Catwoman comic covers.

Although that first volume La Gata is the name chosen for the character, in DC they decided to go one step further that same year and already in vol. 1 #2 her story will begin to evolve when Batman refers to her as Catwoman. Of course, there will be no trace of her elastic and tight black suit because her way of appearing before the eyes of her fans was different. In that same year of 1940, the comics began to show this character with a party dress, red cape and a cat mask.

Who is Catwoman?

If we stick to his personality, her name is selena kyle. A true athlete capable of climbing, jumping and leaping over any obstacle to avoid all the dangers that lie in wait for her. Some say that her agility and balance are the result of her expert training in hand-to-hand combat techniques that include disciplines such as martial arts and boxing, although A good help is received from their weapons, which are not many but lethal. Those who face the cat woman will know that she can strike from a distance thanks to her nine-tailed whip and claws that unfold on her hands, scratching and piercing whatever they touch.

Mysterious like no other, today few know where to place her, whether on the side of the superheroes or on the side of the supervillains, although in the last few times we have seen her on the big screen (The Batman and the trilogy of Ethe dark knight by Christopher Nolan) he has tended more to align himself with Batman, albeit pushily. And it is that one of the keys to her personality lies in the fact that a good part of her considers herself a protector of the poor before millionaires and large corporations, which inevitably leads her to confront Bruce Wayne himself.


As you already know, Catwoman belongs to that type of comic book characters that they have no special superpowers, born from a supernatural fact, although it is true that on many occasions she has been painted as a woman who returns from the dead and, caressed by cats, revives to become the queen of felines. Although what weighs the most about the character is always that lack of protection in which she seems to live and that pushes her to make different moral decisions depending on the circumstances.

Catwoman gets into her costume

Since 1940, when Catwoman arrives for the first time before the general public, He will star in all his adventures with that somewhat strange outfit. It will not be until six years later (1946) when in vol. 1 # 35 of the Batman collection, let’s start to see how he puts on what will be his costume best known by comic book fans, as It is that long skirt with a cape, in green and violet colors, and a hood that hides his face at crucial moments of his blows.


Later in 1950, in the comic titled The Secret Life of Catwoman (inside Batman vol. 1 #62) in DC they will agree to give us more details about that mysterious character Nobody knows anything about him, including the batman himself, with whom he will live intense moments of love-hate. It is here, at this moment, that Selina Kyle begins to tell what is the mysterious past that torments her and that at that moment set the standard for her beginnings: an airplane stewardess who suffers an accident and loses practically all memory of her life. past life, which leads her to a life of robberies and white collar crime. Of course, her fondness for her cats was easily explained: her father had owned a pet shop that (obviously) marked her for her remains.

The character’s gadgets

As we have told you, Catwoman is not a character with supernatural powers although in some of its beginnings a kind of divine force has intervened that has saved it. If for the comics the original story talks about a plane crash from which she emerges unharmed, in the 1992 film batman returns, Michelle Pfeiffer offers a different vision of that moment, with a Selina Kyle who falls (involuntarily) out of a window and, apparently, dies. Even in Halle Berry’s 2004 film that origin also differs with another slightly more coherent twist.


But starting from that base, it must be said that Catwoman does have a whole series of gadgets They will become more and more famous. This is the case of his Kitty Car, which is an incredibly fast and maneuverable vehicle, which, depending on the version of the character you see, has a different appearance. What it does maintain is its astronomical speed, which, according to the most experts on the subject, easily exceeds that of the Batmobile, in addition to installing a series of boosters on the sides that allow it to jump through the air acrobatically.

In addition to the nine-tailed whip or the claws with which it attacks, Catwoman also has her own Batcave where he tunes all the instruments he needs for his master strokes. In the comics, this lair is known by the name of Cat-acomb and it is basically a huge cat flap where a good part of Gotham City’s kitties end up when her lady claims her presence.

Batwoman, who is that?

Everything seemed to be going smoothly in the 40s and 50s with Catwoman: a villain and a lover of Batman in equal measure, contradictory and capable of seeking only his interest but who actually hides a heart that wants to do good. So there was nothing to worry about. Or if? Suddenly Selina Kyle disappeared from the comics of Batman giving way to what all fans know today as Batwoman. A female version of the Batman who practically copied many of the superpowers developed thanks to the fortune of Bruce Wayne, and who hid the character of Kathy Kane under the mask.


That did not mean that, with the passage of time (a decade specifically), Catwoman returned, driven above all by the first appearances in media other than those of the comic itself. On television, the 60s were prolific in versions of Batman (Adam West and César Romero’s above all) and in some of them she appeared played by actresses like Julie Newmar. From that moment on, Selina Kyle ceased to be a resource depending on what is needed, and she became part of DC’s catalog of big names. Until today, or not?

Allies or enemies, what does Catwoman have?

The very nature of the character gives to write an entire book. Unlike other heroes whose antagonists are very clear, here we cannot divide them with such a simple category, because Selina Kyle has flirted with practically all extremes in such a way that the same character can be an ally or an enemy depending on the movie, comic, video game or television series that we are watching.

Catwoman and Batman.

The list is infinite and part of Batman himself, but in it are also Batgirl, Robin, Harley Quinn, Lex Luthor, Commissioner Gordon, the Joker, Enigma (Riddler), Penguin, Poison Ivy, Superman and a long etcetera that has to do with any DC character that has crossed his path. This is Catwoman, who gives one of lime and another of sand depending on the circumstances of what she wants to achieve.

love and hate with batman

Anyway, above any other name, It will be Batman with whom he has his best times, as a good dear love (who say that they are the closest). In the case of Bruce Wayne, Selina Kyle will know who is under the mask and will take the step of marrying the millionaire heir to Wayne Industries. From the product of that relationship, the only known daughter of the couple, Helena Wayne, will come into this world, who in time will also take the path of becoming a superheroine called The Huntress.

Batman and Catwoman wedding.

In any case, don’t think that an event like this sweetened the lives of the two forever and for a good part of the comics, the relationship mechanics were always the same: Catwoman does her thing, Batman chases her, they flirt and make love and later the bat man does not capture her as a victim of that affection he has for her and the hope that one day she will end up becoming a good person. Which, as you all know from DC comics, movies and other products, has not happened yet. Do you think it will come soon?

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‘The Batman’: Zoë Kravitz Is the Definitive Movie Catwoman

catwoman zoe kravitz

When I finally got to see Matt Reeves’ The Batman last night, it proved to me that that there are still plenty of stories to be told with the caped crusader if the person writing them is familiar with and respectful of the source material, and is willing to explore all the layers of Bruce Wayne—not just dive right into the wish-fulfillment aspects of Batman. It is a truly great Batman movie, and one of its shining stars was actress Zoë Kravitz as Selina Kyle/Catwoman.

I had my doubts about Kravitz, but from the moment she appears onscreen and as the story continues, it’s clear that she embodies Selina Kyle. From the start, we see Selina as not just a sexual object, but also someone with great empathy and love for people. She is a protector, but that edge of what makes her an anti-hero/villain is still present in the story.

In The Batman, we meet Selina working at a club where Batman is investigating. The two end up teaming up when Selina goes searching for her missing girlfriend (they refer to her as a friend/roommate, but Selina calling her “baby” constantly begs to differ).

Selina joins Batman as a partner and as someone who can meet him snark for snark. She has her own emotional journey that fits in with the orphan theme that makes itself known. I found myself wishing there was more of her and that the story spent a little more time diving into her background. Reeves crafted a very dense image of Gotham that allows us to really feel the weight of it as a city, a community, under siege. Selina is another one of the forgotten wretches trying to get vengeance in the cold world of Gotham City.

Batman and Catwoman posing in the sun in the new trailer for The Batman

After years of watching female characters all have the same fighting style as Black Widow, it’s cool to see that Selina’s style is more stealth and doesn’t involve any over-the-top flip dynamics. She is quick with good kicks and uses weapons to take down larger opponents. Also, she has cats! Not in an “I got resurrected by cats way,” but actually loves and takes care of stray cats.

The Batman allows all the layers of Zoë Kravitz’s Selina Kyle to be explored, from her empathy for the downtrodden to darkness that makes her path divest from Batman’s. It is the most comic book-accurate version of Selina we have ever seen on film and has solidified Kravitz as this generation’s Catwoman.

For those who might say, “What about Michelle Pfeiffer?” I would say that both are iconic but very different. Pfeiffer’s Selina was pretty much invented wholesale by director Tim Burton in terms of origin and characterization. It is an apples to oranges comparison of Catwoman flavors—both delicious, but it all depends on which one you are in mood for.

Neither performance takes away from the other, but Kravitz’s Catwoman does feel lifted from the last ten years of Batman/Catwoman comics, and that is a feat. Reeves clearly understands these characters and respects their long history. The Batman is a film worth checking out, especially for those feeling slightly burnt out by Batman. This was a breath of fresh Batcave air.

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