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What kind of dog is angel?

Angel Dog

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The Nations
Release date

  • March 19, 2011 ( 2011-03-19 ) (International Family Film Festival)

Running time

Angel Dog is a 2011 family film about how a dog named Cooper, a survivor of a car accident, bonds with Jake and helps him get over a tragic loss. This film is written and directed by Robin Nations and produced and cinematography by Kevin Nations. The two are a husband and wife team that go by The Nations. The film’s score was composed and performed by singer-songwriter Peter Himmelman.

The film premiered in Los Angeles, California, at the 2011 International Family Film Festival on March 19, 2011. [ citation needed ]

Background [ edit ]

After The Nations produced and directed their second film, Leftovers, the husband and wife team, inspired by their love of dogs, set out to make a family dog film. Angel Dog marked their first push towards their mission to “bring back family movie night”.

Premise [ edit ]

A dog named Cooper is the only survivor of a deadly car accident where Jake lost his wife and children. Jake dislikes dogs and vents his anger on the dog for surviving. However, a bond forms between Jake and Cooper that gives him some solace.

Cast [ edit ]

  • Jon Michael Davis as Jake Bryant
  • Farah White as Caroline Mason
  • Richard Dillard as Seth
  • Mona Lee Fultz as Bobbie
  • Maurice Ripke as Trey
  • Ashley Hallford as Nita

Reception [ edit ]

Angel Dog received a 5 Dove rating from The Dove Foundation, which is the foundation’s highest honor possible. Reviewer Edwin L. Carpenter stated, “Angel Dog is a movie which adults, along with kids, will enjoy. Don’t let the title fool you. The movie deals with something everyone can relate to: death and loss, and the subsequent grieving process. Yet “Cooper”, a stray, is a lovable dog who seems to have a mission: to help those who are lonely following a loss. Then he moves on to the next need.” [1] Tracey Moore from Common Sense Media gave three stars from five in her review, commenting: . «Angel Dog is a sweet, heartfelt film about loss that reinforces the value and importance of moving on, and suggests that people (and pets) may all enter our lives for a reason. It offers important positive messages about kindness, compassion, and creating the space for a person to grieve in a healthy, unrushed way. This is contrasted by showing what it’s like when people don’t move on, and are stuck in a lifetime of pain and unable to let go. That said, it’s a heavy dose of real-world suffering ..» [2]

References [ edit ]

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Angel Wing Pets

Country of Origin: The Bernedoodle hybrid was developed by breeding Bernese Mountain Dogs and Poodles. The Bernese Mountain Dog originated in Switzerland while the Poodle originated in Germany and France.

Size: The Bernedoodle is a cross of the Poodle and Bernese Mountain Dog. As a result, the puppy’s size and weight can vary tremendously. Breeders may use standard, miniature or even toy poodles. Sizes range from: Standard – 23-29″ / 70-90 lbs. Miniature – 15-20″ / 25-49 lbs. Toy – 10-14″ / 10-24 lbs.

Coat: Bernedoodles are known for the hypoallergenic properties of their coats. Bernedoodle coats are typically wavy and curly, which results in minimal shedding. Curly coats require frequent brushing to prevent tangles, as well as periodic trimming. Bernedoodles can range in colors, with the most common combinations being either black, black and brown, black and white, or black, white, and brown. Each Bernedoodle’s appearance can vary because it is a crossbreed, meaning each litter has genetically different parents.

Character: Bernedoodles are extremely smart, loyal, and good in nature. They can be wary around strangers so it is important to socialize them as early in life as possible.

Temperament: Overall, the temperament of the Bernedoodle is playful and affectionate. They interact well with children and generally love to spend lots of time with their human families. Because they need to be in close and consistent proximity with their human families, you will find that they don’t do well when left alone for long periods of time. Bernedoodles make great family dogs because they are friendly and easy to socialize. A lot of intelligence is passed on from the Poodle parent, which allows the Bernedoodle to be able to work as a therapy dog, with the proper training.

Care: Bernedoodles require moderate maintenance. Because the Bernese parent contributes constant and seasonal shedding of all of the coat types, brushing your Bernedoodle a couple times a week is recommended. Bathing is recommended as needed. Bernedoodles have a minimal shedding rate for the curly and wavy coated canines but for the straight coated version, which is less common, the shedding rate is a little higher. Routine teeth cleaning, eye exams, and ear cleaning should be built into your regimen.

Training: When they are still young, Bernedoodles can be a little bit headstrong. Therefore, it is important that you start your Bernedoodle puppy with socialization and training early. Use a clear, strong voice with a kind, positive tone to train your Bernedoodle. They are very intelligent with an eager-to-please nature that makes it easier for them to be trained. It might take a few repeats of your instruction, but these pups are usually quick to comply with commands. Reward good behavior and obedience with meaty, bite-sized treats and lots of praise and encouragement. Bernedoodles are extra-sensitive to your tone and mood, so harshness will scare them into shying away from you.

Activity: Bernedoodles are a moderately active cross-breed. Daily walking, play, and interaction is recommended. Their natural gait is a slow trot, so walking a Bernedoodle should be easy for most people.

Bernese Mountain Dog

Country of Origin: The Bernese Mountain Dog (also known as the ‘Berner Sennenhund’, ‘Bouvier Bernois’, ‘Bernese Cattle Dog’, or ‘Berner’) is the most well known mountain dog from Switzerland, distinguished by its long, soft coat. Like many breeds, its origins are uncertain, but it likely descended from Roman Mastiffs crossed with sheepdogs during the Roman invasion of Switzerland in the first century B.C. The Bernese Mountain Dog survived for centuries as a draft dog and farm dog, but little effort was put into preserving the breed, which existed only in the lower Alps. This changed in the 1890’s when Professor Albert Heim and other breeders, recognizing the Bernese Mountain Dog’s fine qualities, organized to promote its development. The Bernese Mountain Dog was standardized and shown throughout Europe in the early 1900’s and arrived in America in the 1920’s, achieving recognition from the American Kennel Club in 1937. Since then, the Bernese Mountain Dog has increased slowly but steadily in population and popularity.

Size: The Bernese Mountain Dog has a shoulder height of 58-71 cm (23-28 in) and weighs 36-50 kg (80-110 lbs). It is a large, agile dog with a flat, broad skull, dark eyes and nose, triangular ears, scissors bite, and defined stop (point at which the muzzle meets the forehead). Bernese Mountain Dogs have low hanging, thick tails, deep chests, and round feet. Males are larger than females, but both are very strong. The Bernese Mountain Dog is slightly longer than it is tall.

Coat: The Bernese Mountain Dog is distinguished by its highly recognizable tri-color pattern. It has a solid black body, legs, head and ears, rust or tan colored cheeks and calves, and white chest, muzzle (with a stripe running up to the forehead), toes, and tail tip. The only variation in pattern is the amount of white; a ‘Swiss Cross’ shape of white on the chest (as seen from the front sitting position) is ideal. The Bernese Mountain Dog has a dense undercoat and straight or curly medium-length outer coat. It is highly weather resistant and slightly rough, but not harsh. Bernese Mountain Dogs shed their outer coat year round.

Character: The Bernese Mountain Dog is friendly, vigilant, and very loyal to its family. It is intelligent, attentive, and calm. Bernese Mountain Dogs require frequent human companionship.

Temperament: Bernese Mountain Dogs are great with children and will protect their loved ones. They get along well with cats and other household pets, provided proper socialization has taken place. The Bernese Mountain Dog will announce unfamiliar visitors with a hearty barking and watch them carefully. Bernese Mountain Dogs are dominant towards one another.

Care: The Bernese Mountain Dog requires regular grooming with a brush and comb, particularly in areas that are prone to tangles (behind the ears, neck, legs, and hindquarters). Daily combing is required when the undercoat is shedding. Ears should be cleaned and excessive hair around the pads of the feet trimmed occasionally. Bernese Mountain Dogs have an average lifespan of only 7-8 years; they are considered ‘old’ at an age of 6 years. They are susceptible to cancer and musculoskeletal issues such as arthritis (particularly in the shoulders and elbows) and hip dysplasia.

Training: The Bernese Mountain Dog must be handled with a loving, consistent approach and on an even keel. The Bernese Mountain Dog is an eager learner and is very responsive to its trainer’s voice.

Activity: The Bernese Mountain Dog must be taken outside regularly because it is very fond of exercise and the outdoors. Bernese Mountain Dogs enjoy cold weather and love to run and play off the leash whenever possible. Avoid strenuously exercising the Bernese Mountain Dog when young as it needs all of its energy to put on weight and build strong bones and joints.

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Miley Cyrus Introduces Fans To Her Newly Adopted Dog Angel!

Miley Cyrus Introduces Fans To Her Newly Adopted Dog Angel!

It’s no secret that Miley Cyrus is a huge animal lover and with that, she has added a new member to her family!

The 28-year-old singer adopted a new dog named Angel, who came into her life almost two months after her beloved Mary Jane passed away.

“Almost two months ago my best friend a rescued pit mix Mary Jane left this world. I knew she wasn’t gone for good. She had out lived the body she was in but she never said goodbye ….. with her eyes she whispered ‘See you soon Bestie’,” Miley wrote on Instagram.

“Mary Jane defined loyalty and would never break a promise. I feel her here with me blessing this new member to my family who’s name is ‘Angel’ because she was delivered to me by one… My Mary,” she continued. “It breaks my heart to know Angel was sleeping on concrete in a shelter for 3 months before finally making it home. The stigma and stereotype that surrounds pit bulls tears me in two. This breed is incomparably loving. Just like humans nurture often overrides nature.”

“I want to thank @lisachiarelli for her dedication in fighting for the lives of pit bulls & finding me my perfect fit. I am head over heels in love. Not sure I will ever sleep again because I can’t take my eyes off of her! Her halo shines for all to see and I can’t wait to show her off! It’s pretty cool having an Angel on a leash! She is illuminated by the aura of the late and great Mary Jane. Long live love. It never dies. * ALL THE TEARS YOU SEE IN THIS SLIDE ARE HAPPY ONES * ⛪️ @shelterdogs4life @desidesi134″

Miley‘s new addition is already fitting right in, and joins her other pups, Emu, a shetlands sheepdog, and Bean, a Chihuahua mix.

If you missed it, just a couple of nights ago, Miley was seen stepping out for dinner with another famous face!

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