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What kind of dog is T Bone?

T-Bone, Dog About Town/Clifford’s Big Heart
clifford the big red dog

«T-Bone, Dog About Town»—A cute little poodle named Mimi comes to Birdwell Island on vacation, and T-Bone gets a crush. He starts trying to be the kind of dog he thinks she will like, but learns that it’s always best to just be yourself. «Clifford’s Big Heart»—Clifford works hard to try to make Emily the perfect Valentine to show her how much he loves her. In the end, he learns that it’s his presence, not presents, that means the most to Emily Elizabeth.

Episode Duration: 28 minutes and 55 seconds

Episode Number: 123

No future air times were found for this episode.

About Clifford The Big Red Dog:

Based on the popular Scholastic book series by Norman Bridwell about the lovable oversized canine with his head in the clouds but four paws planted firmly on the ground, Clifford presents a larger-than-life view of the world.

With his loving human, Emily Elizabeth, and dog pals, Cleo and T-Bone, Clifford inhabits a colorful island community, inviting viewers on a fun-filled journey through childhood, navigating the dips and curves along the way.

CLIFFORD THE BIG RED DOG emphasizes good citizenship and the importance of community.

Each episode concludes with a component of Clifford’s Big Ideas — 10 different attributes children learn to embrace — which leaves them with something to think about and practice in their lives.

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Mon, May 86:00 A.M. Mount Norma/Hide and Sneak
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Wed, May 106:00 A.M. Towel Team Go!/Puppy Preschool
Thu, May 116:00 A.M. The Birdwell Island Blues/The Big Red World
Fri, May 126:00 A.M. Clifford’s Valentine Collection/Ready, Set, Vet!
Mon, May 156:00 A.M. The Little Red Dream/The Mail Mix Up
Tue, May 166:00 A.M. Hiccup Pup/Top of the Charts
Wed, May 176:00 A.M. Captain Chrysalis/It’s Berry Season!
Thu, May 186:00 A.M. Things That Go Bump/Sherlock Bones
Fri, May 196:00 A.M. Whale of a Time/Clifford’s Museum
Mon, May 226:00 A.M. Muddy Buds Hit The Suds/Lights, Camera, Clifford!
Tue, May 236:00 A.M. Knights of the Wobbly Table/Don’t Lead Me A Stray
Wed, May 246:00 A.M. Making Lemonade Out of Lemons/The Watering Hole
Thu, May 256:00 A.M. The Wild Wolf Pack/Putt-Ing It Together
Fri, May 266:00 A.M. Up Pup and Away!/Abra-Ca-Lifford!
Mon, May 296:00 A.M. Farm Friends/The Big Book Giveaway
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Can Dogs Have T-Bones? Must-Know Rules Of Safe Bone Feeding

can dogs have T-bones

The phrase “dog and his bone” is common in conversation, especially among lovers of all things furry. During warm seasons, many people’s minds turn to thoughts of grilling great steak like T-bones. But can dogs have the “bone” part of this steak?

Giving your pooch the bone portion of the T-Bone before it’s cooked is far safer than afterward. When bones cook they become more brittle, which may lead to splintering and choking hazards. In truth, any bone may cause digestive issues in canines. So bones should always be provided under supervision in case your dog experiences difficulty.

Meat or No Meat?

In looking at beef bones for your dog you don’t want one without meat. Meat cushions the bones, so that your dog’s teeth don’t chip. Your dog is looking for all that yummy marrow in the center of a bone, so they may continue chewing even after harm has been done.

Can Dogs Eat T-bones?

One of the most frequent questions vets get, especially from new dog owners, is whether their dog can eat the leftover bone from a steak. Some say you should avoid giving dogs bones altogether, while others feel wild dogs ate them so why not Fluffy? Most experts agree you can give a dog a bone if it’s raw (i.e. cut away the meat for grilling first).

Positive Points on Providing Bones

Dogs have a natural chewing behavior. A bone gives them something on which to focus besides your slippers (again). You don’t have to “try” to get a dog’s attention with a bone. They’ll get excited right away.

Bone chewing has other positive results including

  • Exercising the pooch. Take him outdoors and toss that bone around a few times (he may, however, try and hide it from you).
  • Helping your dog maintain a healthy mouth by preventing plaque buildup between vet visits for brushing.
  • Providing enjoyment for your dog. They love playing with bones. If your dog has a tendency to lick its paws because of anxiety, a bone may help!

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No matter what, any bone should be large enough so the dog can’t get the whole thing in its mouth.

Dos & Don’ts in Offering Bones

Bones have minerals and nutrients that are good for dogs, but there are two rules of thumb about offering one to your pup.

  1. Don’t offer bones that are in small pieces.
  2. If your dog already has stomach problems it’s best to avoid giving her a bone.

Tip: Never give your dog a bone when there is another dog present. They will become very protective of their prize.

If you are offering raw bones, which are best, let your dog chew for about 15 minutes then return the bone to the refrigerator. After four days, dispose of it, replacing it with a fresh one.

can dogs eat large cooked beef bones

Can Dogs Eat Large Cooked Beef Bones?

Different canines chew on their bones in a personal way. Some may go slowly and nibble on it for hours, while others chew quickly and animatedly. In either case, cooked bones pose some dangers as they are more likely to splinter or break.

What Constitutes the Safest Dog Bone?

There are some tips and tricks in choosing a bone to give your dog. First look at the thickness of the bone. Chunkier bones have greater density, so they don’t break as easily. Do not offer bones that you can bend or break by hand. Chicken bones are a no-no.

Watch for rough, jagged bone spots. Those can cut the inside of your dog’s mouth. So you want a smooth bone without a lot of pores in it. Pores imply a weak bone.

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Finally, scratch the surface of the bone with your fingernail. Does some chalky residue come off? If so, that bone is more likely to break or fracture.

What If My Dog At A Steak Bone?

So, you looked away for one minute, turn back, and Fido has a steak bone half-eaten. Now what?

First, was the bone cooked? This is more problematic than a raw bone. The cooked bones can chip and flake. Additionally, there may be remnant seasonings on the bone that are not good for a dog. The top three are garlic powder, onion powder, and salt. Raw bones, on the other hand, have the risk of bacterial contamination if not handled properly.

Steps to Take After Cooked Bone Ingestion

  1. Don’t panic. It will rile up your dog, too. Don’t scold them either. Now is not the time.
  2. Look around. If you see any other bones in the area, remove them. If FeeFee starts sniffing around, watch to see if you missed any.
  3. Contact your vet for a telephone consultation. Give your vet as much information as possible. If your dog seems sick, you should make an immediate appointment.
  4. Do not try to make your dog vomit. This can make matters worse when splinters come back up.
  5. Keep your eyes open. Symptoms of problems from bone ingestion appear within 24 to 48 hours. Possibilities include lethargy, gagging, bloody diarrhea, difficulting passing stools, and crying out when trying to relieve itself.

Bear in mind that not all dogs have problems when they eat a random bone. There may be no issues whatsoever.

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can dogs have cooked steak

Can Dogs Have Cooked Steak?

Cooked steak and other types of beef are fine for your dog, but it should be a small, special treat. It has to be totally plain (unseasoned and un-sauced).

So, if you think you’re going to want to include ole’ Roy in your dinner plans, set aside some beef just for them. Cook it separately on your stovetop without any bells or whistles. If you grill it, the meat can pick up seasonings from the grate that aren’t good for your dog.

What Is The Best Raw Bone For A Dog?

Many veterinarians feel that meaty raw bones are the safest option for your dog, and nutritious too. Dogs can enjoy raw animal bones so long as you take care to keep them fresh. No matter the breed you want a bone the dog cannot swallow in one giant gulp. No part of the dog’s jaw should fit into the bone’s interior.

The best raw bones are hollow and have connective tissues. They must be fresh. Treat them like you would raw meat for your table. In the beef family, ribs are acceptable. Your dog benefits greatly from chewing, the bone providing rich amounts of calcium and phosphorus necessary for the dog’s growth.

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