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Why are GREY dogs called blue?

Dog Names for a Blue or Gray Dog

Choosing dog names by color is a favorite way to select the perfect name for your new puppy or adult dog.

What comes to mind when you think about blue? The color of the sky or the deep blue sea? Perhaps a sense of calm and tranquility? Daybreak or sunset?

Grays and blues are sometimes hard to distinguish because there are so many shades depending on the breed of your choice. Sometimes these colors are commonplace and other times they are extremely rare and difficult for breeders to produce.

Each breed has its own, unique way of describe colors. Just look at all of the small breed dogs represented on this site. You’ll find breeds that describe basically the same color with a variety of different terms.

This page includes names for a gray, silver or blue dog

This page includes names for a gray, silver or blue dog

How Many Ways to Describe a Blue or Gray Dog?

We’re not talking black or white, but something in between. We’ve lumped these colors together because in many cases they represent a dilute black color—Gray, Grizzle, Grey Brindle, Seal, Slate, Pepper, Silver, Wolfgray, maybe even Merle.

Inspiration for Dog Names for a Blue or Gray Dog?

We looked for inspiration for these names from nature, both living and nonliving elements such as rocks and stones. We also looked to pop culture, the movies, television, and even children’s books.

  • We restricted the names to include only those that would make great dog names.
  • The names were 2 or 3 syllables max.
  • They had meaning and perhaps a story or two behind each name.

I’m sure we’ve forgotten a few great names. Can you help us out? Contact me with your great ideas for dog names for a blue or gray dog and we’ll add it to this page along with a quick note that credits you for your amazing creativity and willingness to share. Be sure to identify which dog names page you’d like your suggestions to appear.

Dog Names for a Gray/Silver Dog

  • Anchovy (a gray colored fish)
  • Artemis Greek goddess of the beautiful silver moon
  • Ash or Ashes or Ashen (the remains of a fire usually gray in color)
  • Blade (Silver knife blade)
  • Brain (think grey matter)
  • Bullet (the silver color ammunitions)
  • Carbon (chemical element that is gray in color)
  • Cenzio (Spanish for gray)
  • Chara (short for Charcoal)
  • Cloud or Cloudy (a grayish colored mass of condensed water in the sky)
  • Comet (an icy solar system object that appears gray in the sky)
  • Coal or Cole (remains of burned wood)
  • Darth (as in Vader from Star Wars)
  • Dolphin (a gray mammal found in the ocean)
  • Dusty (dust is a shade of gray
  • Dorian Gray (a gothic novel by Oscar Wilde)
  • Dumbo (gray Disney character) Aww, maybe not, never knew a dumb dog
  • Earl Grey (a type of tea)
  • Flint (grayish in color)
  • Gin (Japanese for «silver.»)
  • Glacier (a moving mound of ice that often appears gray.)
  • Granite (a type of stone, sometimes gray in color)
  • Graphite (gray form of carbon that occurs as a metal in some rocks)
  • Grau (German for Gray)
  • Gray
  • Graybeard (for a dog breed that has a beard)
  • Graystone (a type of residential architecture usually gray in color)
  • Grigio (Italian for «gray.»)
  • Grey Poupon (Variety of Mustard)
  • Gris (French for Gray)
  • Grizzly (Gray)
  • Inky (A cute name for a brindle gray colored dog)
  • Koala (Grey animal from Australia)
  • Luna (Refers to the Moon, Also a Roman goddess of the moon)
  • Meeko (gray character in the movie, Pocahontas)
  • Nickels (coins that are silver in color)
  • Oyster (gray bivalve found in salt or brackish waters)
  • Pepper (deep dark gray colored spice)
  • Pewter (a metal alloy that appears gray in color)
  • Plata (Spanish for silver)
  • Pebbles (small gray stones)
  • Smoke or Smokey (emitted from a burning object that appears gray in color)
  • Sterling (Silver as in flatware and objects made of silver)
  • Stormy (a gray color that occurs during a storm)
  • TinMan (Wizard of Oz)
  • Tinsel (Gray Christmas decoration)
  • Twilight (a gray color that occurs after sunset)

Dog Names for a Blue Dog

  • Andorian (blue alien on Star Trek)
  • Aster (Blue Flower, good name for a girl)
  • Atasi (A type of blue flower)
  • Azurite (blue gemstone)
  • Azul (Spanish for blue)
  • Beryl (pronounced ber uh, a mineral that is sometimes blue in color)
  • Blau (German for Blue)
  • Bleu (French for blue)
  • Blue (also the name of the blue dog on the TV show Blue’s Clues
  • Blue Belle (Bell for Short)
  • Bluebonnet (a blue flower)
  • Blue calla lilies (flower) Calla or Lily for short)
  • Blue Jay (Jay for short, a type of bird)
  • Blue Moon (a full moon that appears bluish in color)
  • Blueberry (a type of blue fruit)
  • Bluestar (Blue flower, Star for short)
  • Capri (deep sky blue)
  • Cobalt (a bluish colored chemical element)
  • Columbine (blue flower)
  • Cookie Monster (the blue monster on the children’s TV series Sesame Street)
  • Cyan (color for greenish-blue)
  • Denim (blue fabric)
  • Doli (a Native American Name meaning blue bird)
  • Dory (The blue fish in Finding Nemo)
  • Eeyore(blue character in Winnie the Pooh)
  • Genie(Blue character in Disney’s Aladdin)
  • Grover(blue character on Sesame Street
  • Harold(blue character in the children’s book, Harold and the Purple Crayon)
  • Hinto(The Native American name for blue haired)
  • Huckleberry (Hound was blue)
  • Indigo (a deep blue or violet midnight sky)
  • Iris(blue flower)
  • Joy(blue character in Inside Out)
  • Lapis (blue gemstone)
  • Levi (Jeans that are normally a dark blue)
  • Max Rebo (either Max or Rebo — blue musician in the first Star Wars movie
  • Meena (Hindu word for blue stone)
  • Midnight (the blue you see in the night sky)
  • Moody Blue (an English Rock band from the 1960s and 1970s
  • Navy Blue (deep blue color)
  • Neptune (God of the Sea, and also the planet, neptune, considered to be blue)
  • Neytiri (blue Avatar and Chief’s daughter, in the movie, Avatar)
  • Peacock (a beautiful bird with blue feathers)
  • Periwinkle (blue flower)
  • Pollia (blueberry found in Africa)
  • Rosita (Blue bilingual character on Sesame Street)
  • Royal (as in Royal Blue
  • Sapphire (blue gemstone)
  • Smurf (famous blue character)
  • Sky or Skye (many shades of blue)
  • Sonic (the Hedgehog was blue)
  • Sulley (blue character in Monsters, Inc.)
  • Tanzanite (Tanz for short, tanzanite is a blue gemstone)
  • Topaz (a blue gemstone)
  • Teal (a shade of blue)
  • Violet (blue body in “Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory.”
  • Yahto (a Native American word for the color blue)

9 Dogs With Blue Eyes That Are Just Stunning

Let’s be honest—we love to look at any dog. But there’s something about a dog with blue eyes that really captures our attention.

Blue-eyed dogs are rare. This distinctive look in one or both eyes is caused by a lack of pigment around the eye area, albinism, or a number of other genetic factors. Check out our article about how dogs get blue eyes, and the Dog Genetics website has more information about the genes that affect eye color. But since you’re here, let’s look at some stunningly beautiful blue-eyed dogs!

The Weimaraner

These intelligent, energetic dogs are also called the “Gray Ghost.” They’re known for their blue (or sometimes amber) eyes and their distinctive silvery-gray coats.

The Siberian Husky

Graceful, athletic, and powerful, the Siberian husky first originated in northeastern Asia and is highly regarded for its endurance. They frequently have blue eyes and light-colored coats.

The Shetland Sheepdog

These dogs (also called Shelties) are quick and intelligent herders that originated in Scotland. Shelties with the merle gene, which causes random patches of pigmentation on a dog’s coat and face, may have blue eyes. Frequently, merle Shelties will have only one blue eye while the other will be amber or brown.

The German Shepherd

Though it’s rare, German shepherds (muscular dogs known for intelligence and loyalty) might have one or two blue eyes due to a genetic anomaly.

The Dalmatian

These fire-fighting dogs are easily identified by their spotted coats and regal features. Blue eyes are rare in Dalmatians, and can sometimes be a warning sign for hearing loss, as the gene that causes blue eyes is also associated with deafness.

Baby Blues in Other Dogs

We couldn’t stop the list there. Here are some more stunning photos of dogs with gorgeous baby blues—which one is your favorite?

Maybe it’s this distinguished fellow.

What about this flop-eared puppy?

And here’s our favorite, this sweet blue-eyed senior dog with a beautiful dapple.

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